If we imagine a meal without salt, we are approaching life without colour. It is very tasteless. Salt is an ingredient that has to be in salty dishes at all times. But did you know that consuming too much salt can be counterproductive for your body, because it damages it and increases the stress of the heart, along with other important diseases? You probably know all this.

But would it be possible to live in a world without salt? It is on this issue that we need to reconsider our thoughts on salt.

For this reason, in this article, we have compiled the best alternatives to salt that exist, which will mean that if you start using it as regularly as possible, your palate will not only be tasty but also very healthy. If you want to know more, keep reading!

The best alternatives to salt

Salt is a product that we use to make salty meals tastier, but if we take it in excess, it can be counterproductive to our health, so we could look for several alternatives for all this, here we are going to point them out, these are.

Alternative 1: tarragon.

We know that tarragon can be very bitter food if taken alone. But when we add it to recipes as a substitute for salt, it can add a lot of flavours. This way, when you want to make recipes like scrambled eggs, don’t add a lot of tarragon salmañádee without problems.

Of course, it must be dried tarragon. Something that you should keep in mind is that it will taste much better in dishes that go with a very creamy sauce or with butter.

Tarragon is a bar of silver with small and very elongated leaves that have a very bitter and spicy taste. This condiment is widely used in central Europe, but also in other countries.

Alternative 2: coriander

If you seriously consider cutting the salt because it is bad for your greeting because you already have a disease related to it, you can replace it with a product that offers us great health benefits. In this way, coriander will worsen the list of foods that gives us both flavour and great benefit.

It is a herb that has a flowery and very warm flavour, this will make any dish that has no flavour become a delicious dish. All of this is to be known for a richness in antioxidants and has the advantage of improving mental health.

It is an aromatic plant that grows every year and is used in world cuisine.

Alternative 3: nutritional yeast

Many times we want to eat popcorn, but if we want to reduce the salt, it throws us back. But there is something we can do about it. This nutritional yeast is cursi but it has a very tasty flavour that will give the popcorn a nice touch that we all want.

Nutritional yeast does not contain any dairy, so it won’t matter whether or not you find it too cheesy. But, apart from making our meals rich, it helps us to health with the control of cholesterol in the body thanks to the beta-glucan fibre.

Nutritional yeast is a type of inactive yeast that is used as a crunching food. We can distinguish it because its colour is golden and it is in the form of flakes. Both the flavour and texture remind us of cheese.

Alternative 4: ginger

On many occasions, ginger will be a very good option to substitute for salt.

You have two options to add, but the most recommended is the fresh ginger minced both in the chips, as in the sauces or the soup, and you can see the flavour that you get. If fresh ginger is not available, don’t worry, if you have it on hand or can buy dried ginger it will work without problems.

So your dishes will be tasty, but it can also be beneficial for your health, since this product, such as ginger, will help you overcome muscle pain that we have heard. Also, it will act as a good anti-inflammatory agent along with other important benefits.

You mustn’t include ginger if you take any medication that has to do with calcium blocking, such as a treatment for angina pectoris or hypertension among other things.

Alternative 5: black pepper

Both salt and pepper make them a very classic culinary duo, especially in stews and stews. People who like food a lot around the world will long for that knowledge of black paper on the plate, it will be enough to add a little to pizzas, pasta, roasts or soup, to others of other dishes to be able to enjoy that delicious flavour.

Also, it has a large number of benefits such as reducing inflammation and the possibility of reducing diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

If you do not like black pepper or are allergic to that food, it is possible to use chilli paper, jalapenos or white paper among other possibilities.


In conclusion, salt is a very important food that is part of our diet, but if we add too much of it, it can be counterproductive for our health. So we have two options, the first would be to reduce the additional amount of salt, or introduce other types of food.

Among the possible foods to be able to remove the salt and obtain several benefits in our health are the following, ginger, black pepper, Strabo, coriander and nutritional yeast.

All of them will be in charge of giving flavour to our dishes at all times if what we want is to continue eating tasty and that our health is not affected at any specific time, it is more, that it is good, such as removing muscle pain, acting as an anti-inflammatory or to prevent diseases related to the heart of cancer. These foods can be included in the whole meal such as pasta, any type of stews or stews, pizzas, among other dishes.

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