How to Make Healthy Popcorn That Can Help Improve Your Memory and Keep Depression at Bay

Today we want to talk about a type of food that can be prepared with oil, water, or simply hot air. It has several flavors: natural, buttery, caramel, and chocolate, among others. This snack food was once used as a hair ornament, and many love to devour it while watching a movie at home or at the cinema. If you’re reading this and think we’re talking about popcorn, you’re right!

How popcorn was discovered

Corn was cultivated by ancient civilizations in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. Originally, both the Incas and the Aztecs prepared popcorn by placing an entire ear of corn on the fire. They would also cook the grains directly on the coals or even in an earthen oven. Research has pointed out that popcorn might have been one of the pillars for the foundation of the Aztec empire, where Centéotl, the maize deity was worshipped.