You’re (Probably) Fat Because You’re Happy With Your Marriage

weight gain

There are so many amazing perks to marrying the love of your life. Unfortunately, science has shown that one downside is weight gain. It’s been proven that couples experience a significant weight gain after they tie the knot.

Is it because they don’t have to worry about looking good in their wedding photos? Maybe they’re just finally able to let loose and show their true colors? The real reason for the weight gain is much more simple than you thought.

Both Married Men And Women Are More Likely To Be Overweight

A new study has shown that both women and men are more likely to be overweight when they’re married versus when they’re single. The data shows that someone will gain an average of 36 pounds compared to when they first started dating their partner.

Not only that, but they gain 17 of those extra pounds in the first year alone and 24 pounds in the first five years. Yet, interestingly, couples who live together but weren’t married don’t experience the same degree of weight gain.